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Kingsport: Update on History

In 1971, the Sullivan County Historical Commission began an extensive survey of existing historical buildings throughout the county. Members interviewed residents, photographed properties, and researched courthouse documents. Their deadline? The American Bicentennial.

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Field Trip: Rocky Mount

A historic treasure is located just 25 miles from my house and, even though I have visited it many times, I have never featured Rocky Mount State Historic Site on this blog. Today, I am going to correct that, especially … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Drive-by History

I had an idea for an Archiventure. I must have made it sound pretty exciting because when I explained my idea to Brianne, the City Archivist, she gave me this look like “You had me at log cabin.” Here’s the … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Painting the Town

Before neon, there was PAINT! Beautiful, expressive paint. Kingsport merchants once announced their locations and advertised their wares by painting this information on the brick facades of downtown buildings.

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Genealogy: Scanning and Sharing

I have blogged before about sharing ancestral photos on FamilySearch.org. Today, I am writing about two other ways to share family photographs by using HistoryPin.org and Pinterest.com.

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Archives: Cultural Preservation

When visitors enter the Art Institute of Chicago from Michigan Avenue and ascend the Grand Staircase, they arrive in gallery 200; Architectural Fragments. According to AIC’s website, “Home to the first skyscraper . . . , Chicago has been the center of American … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Up in Smoke

I cannot say enough about savvy citizens who are aware of the archives and, when they find a treasure, think to donate it to the archives. Yea, for them!

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Kingsport: Pin-up Girls

No, not THAT kind of pin-up girl! HistoryPin! It’s a great way to share archival photographs online while connecting people, buildings, and events to a time and place in history. The Archives of the City of Kingsport now has its … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Humor and Hairstyles

Two of the greatest benefits to processing the Business and Professional Women’s Club collection is the opportunity to observe the group’s humorous outlook and their representation of current fashions. I bring you several examples in today’s blog!

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Kingsport: What’s on the Inside Counts

Today, I processed another box in Series IV of the Spoden Collection; Journals, Ledgers, and Receipt Books. I have been procastinating about this particular box of notebooks because they are SO dirty that they are hard to read, and there are no … Continue reading

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