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Field Trip: L. Tom Perry Special Collections

I just returned from a week-long trip to Utah where I was researching for my current writing project. While I was there, I got to spend an entire day at the L. Tom Perry Special Collections wing of the Harold … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Start spreading the news

The editor of Kingsport Life requested a 300 word article, picture, and caption from the Archives of the City of Kingsport. So, if you pick up your free copy of this . . .

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Day 24: Description and Collection Care

Weird title for a last day. It should have been “Tiny bit of this, a little bit of┬áthat, and a whole lot of Reference.” But, alas, there were just a lot of loose ends to tie and a whole lot … Continue reading

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Day 15: Collections Processing

Do you know how many times I have had locks of hair and rose petals fall into my lap, this week, while processing the Correspondence Series? I’ve lost count.

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Day 9: Reference

I’d like to point out that the featured photograph above is a shot of my favorite tool: Katie’s microspatula. It is just the right weight and thickness. It’s not too pointy or flimsy, but has just the right amount of … Continue reading

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Day 8: Reference

Brittany was away from the archives on a research/writing day, so I was on my own, today. I started in the conservation lab, where I completed the last step of a library repair I started last week. Remember this?

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Day 7: Reference

I love my practicum! I just wanted to get that out of the way. Today, I started by working on the bibliography on women. While I was working at my desk, I got to meet historian and archivist Michael Landon. … Continue reading

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Day 6: Reference

I started out the day observing the Collections Department intake/cataloging process, once again. This time, the counter was stacked two feet high and 10 ft long. Big day for acquisitions and donations! I met Michelle, who is the intern with … Continue reading

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