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Kingsport: Everyday History Again

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog about Grass Dale, the mansion centerpiece of what was once the Groseclose plantation in Kingsport. Several people posted comments and expressed interest in the home that they frequently drove past.

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Field Trip: Immanuel Lutheran Church

Every once in a while, but not too often, you meet someone with whom you feel an immediate sense of respect, love, and connection. That’s what happened to me in October when I was photographing a cemetery in Sullivan County, … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Update on History

In 1971, the Sullivan County Historical Commission began an extensive survey of existing historical buildings throughout the county. Members interviewed residents, photographed properties, and researched courthouse documents. Their deadline? The American Bicentennial.

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Kingsport: Guest Blog

I have a guest post up on the Archives of the City of Kingsport blog. Please make a visit to their site at your convenience.

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Kingsport: Drive-by History

I had an idea for an Archiventure. I must have made it sound pretty exciting because when I explained my idea to Brianne, the City Archivist, she gave me this look like “You had me at log cabin.” Here’s the … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Local History

I finished the Genealogy Series, this week. There are two series left. I am halfway through Audio-Visual Materials and then that leaves Series IV, Journals and Ledgers. Yes, folks, we left the scariest series for last. It’s full of dusty, … Continue reading

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