Six generations of surnames. The birthdate listed is for the last ancestor of this line to be born outside of the United States.


Gillis (1866, Nova Scotia) JohnGillis


Carrier (1866, Quebec) EmeliaGillis



Peterson (1872, Sweden)

PoissonModestePoisson (1868, Quebec)


BarilEmilie Baril (1839, Quebec)



Girouard (abt 1838, Quebec)

McClellan (abt 1811, Scotland)

MacFarlane (abt 1814, Scotland)

Beauchesne Bourbeau (1808, Quebec)

Brunel (unknown)


ArmstrongZachariaPArmstrong ( *bef 1700, unknown)


MansfieldMissionMansfield (1851, England)



Blanton (bef 1808, unknown)

Samuel Daniel Williams (1826-1900)Williams (1867, Wales)



Amos (bef 1828, unknown)

Stevens (bef 1801, unknown)

Slater (1819, England)

PowellElizabethPowell (1845, Wales)



Pulliam (bef 1740, unknown)

Dyson (bef 1805, unknown)

Bates (abt 1801, England)

Scattergood (1797, England)

*In those cases where I do not yet have the line going back to the country of origin, I have subtracted 20 years from the birthdate of my earliest known ancestor.

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