Day 15: Collections Processing

Do you know how many times I have had locks of hair and rose petals fall into my lap, this week, while processing the Correspondence Series? I’ve lost count.

Lock of hair

I think today, alone, two envelopes dumped petals into my lap and three had hair springing from them.

The Browns liked to send each other little trinkets with their letters: hankies, photos, programs, news clippings. I only screamed when hair spilled out the first time. I’m hardened to it, now.

Thought you’d like to see my workspace. The Collections floor has offices in the center and along the outside walls, inbetween them are a double row of workstations that face long processing counters. The counters have storage space below so that collections are not left out over night.


I can wheel my chair back and forth if I need to look something up on the computer or get supplies out of my tall supply cabinet.

I’m getting pretty fast at wheeling back and forth, so I try to look both ways, first.

I have completed the first series, Hugh C. Brown Papers, and I am nearly done with the Correspondence Series, so I have begun Photographs and Miscellaneous Papers by carefully sorting through them and taking the things to the Conservation Lab that will need extra attention. Russ Fuhriman, the photo conservator has been hard at work for me, all week. He has been such a great partner and support. Today, Anna, the museum conservator, came down to look at some mixed textiles to help me decide how to house them. Anna is beautiful and has a really great name.

Textile Conservation

Within the Miscellaneous Papers series are ribbons, medals and pins. Some are over 100 years old.

Next week, I will show an update photo of how the collection is looking, so far. In the meantime, I got a kick out of finding this coupon from 1940. Do you tihnk I can still redeem it?

Rootbeer Coupon

Darn, I see an expiration date of Aug. 1, 1940 in fine print. Too bad. I love rootbeer.

Oh, my. Is that Katie’s microspatula? It keeps showing up on my desk. Going to sleep most of the weekend and dream of having more Archiventures.

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