Day 24: Description and Collection Care

Weird title for a last day. It should have been “Tiny bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of Reference.” But, alas, there were just a lot of loose ends to tie and a whole lot of clarification Jay required for the Box and Folder list. So, first I had an exit interview with my boss, Brandon, who is still super cool. Then we put the newly reprinted barcodes on the remaining boxes and loaded up the collection onto two carts. Brandon read  the catalog entry off of the computer while I verified the barcode number and box numbers. Perfect. Then we wheeled the collection to the Collection Care file room. The boxes that I had re-used we shelved on the “Returns” side and the new boxes we shelved under the “New side.” We put sticky notes on the new boxes so we wouldn’t get confused during the 40′ walk down the hallway.

Collection cart

About to turn over the Hugh B. Brown Family Papers over to the Collection Care team.

I tidied up my desk and returned a few more supplies (I don’t want to be confused with the last person who had my work station). After lunch I worked on a patron research request and got absolutely no where. By then, Jay was ready to ask me all of the questions he had tagged about the inventory. He wheeled the entire collection into his little office. I opened box after box and folder after folder and answered all of his questions about the collection so he could refine the description. Three hours later…it was time to go without me getting anymore of the indexing completed for Brittany. Sorry, Brit!

After I turned in my badge, I went to the little park that adjoins our building. I have a favorite bench there where I go to think, sometimes. I’m really going to miss that bench. To help me remember how it feels to sit there, I took two pictures of the view from the bench. I will let these two peaceful vistas be the last word about my practicum. Thanks for reading!
Bench view leftBench view right

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