Day 8: Reference

Brittany was away from the archives on a research/writing day, so I was on my own, today. I started in the conservation lab, where I completed the last step of a library repair I started last week. Remember this?

Library Repair

When the book comes out from under the press, I will trim and re-attach the title and call number.

Well, after trimming the spine piece very carefully, applying PVA glue, and smoothing it all down with a Teflon bone folder, it looked like this…

Finished library repair

The spine cover gets trimmed and the barcode recentered in order to fit neatly between the creases.

Afterward, I accompanied Katie, the book arts specialist, to the Church History Museum, where they are currently exhibiting works from the International Art Competition. Anna, museum conservator intern, needed help assessing several works of art that have been damaged by patron handling and a couple that were just feeling the effects of too little humidity or too much gravity. The damage to several of the pieces by visitors was inordinately sad. We made up an action plan of the steps Anna would take to repair pieces, consolidate the wear on some materials, and adjust display methods. Unfortunately, a couple of the artists will need to be contacted. The moral of this story is PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH. Those signs are not kidding around.

After lunch I worked the reference desk with Jaron, who helped me get started on a patron reference request. Three hours and one cherry Popsicle, later, and I am still not done with it. I typed up what I had so far and went back to reading 1880s newsletters. The funniest thing of the day was reading one issue where a newly designated young woman editor decided to call herself “editress.” You have got to love that!

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