Day 21: Description

I finished writing the biography on the Brown family after we all helped with Monday’s intake cataloging. I am pretty pleased with how it came out. When someone has lived as long as Hugh B. lived and has accomplished as much as he did, it is hard to be brief. I have been saving things and putting them on my cubicle wall to help with the writing process.

Biography wall

Pages from books, newsclippings, and photos all help me get to know the family better.

The next task in caring for this collection is to enter all of the box and folder data into a spread sheet.

Box and folder inventory

This is kind of a quite, lonely process. It requires a well charged iPod.

I was able to enter the information for 13 of the 24 boxes and to tidy up the labeling on all of the folders related to those 13 boxes. A good start!

Before signing off, here is one more of my favorite photographs from the collection. This is Major Hugh B. Brown of the Mounted Rifles squadron.

Hugh B. in the Cavalry

Major Brown is on the right.


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