Day 20: Collections Processing

Well, my Archival Diet is over. I finished processing the collection, today. It ended up being 24 boxes and 2 oversized folders. To mark the amazing milestone, I had my friend take my picture out in front of the CHL.

Kari at work

Me, absolutely amazed that I got this collection processed in two weeks.

As I was finishing up the last series, I discovered this 19th c lace pattern tucked in with some correspondence.

Lace pattern

Found among the letters of Zina D. H. Young (1821-1901)

Here are a few favorites from among the Photograph series. I wish I could include twenty more! Hugh B. Brown took officer training in the Canadian Army in 1912. In 1914, he helped form a mounted squadron. He later traveled to England to fight in WWI.
Hugh B. uniform
Once in Great Britain, Major Brown had his own “batman,” Arthur Perry, who proved to be a trusted and loyal aide. Here is Perry dressed to the nines. He signed this portrait personally.

Englishman Arthur Perry in full uniform.

I began reading the research on Hugh B.’s life that I had gathered earlier and writing a biography for the finding aid. I’ll finish that up on Monday and begin the Excel box and folder inventory. I returned Katie’s micropatula, this afternoon, since I am finished using it. Boo hoo.

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