Day 22:Description

I’ve decided that finding aids really aren’t that photogenic. However, an interesting art piece has been developing above my desk over the last two days. These are all the sticky notes that I’ve removed from the archival boxes as I have been labeling them in pencil with their catalog and box number.

Sticky Notes

Labels from all 24 boxes in the collection.

Each time a box gets entered into the Excel inventory, I reach up and slap another sticky note onto the string. Why am I saving these?

This morning at devotional, we did not sing from the hymn book, we sang along with this!
Well, I listened. I try not to compete with Alex Boye’!

I confess I tweaked the biography again, today. Checked my footnotes, etc. It’s in Brandon’s hands, now. I know it is long, Brandon. Hack away at it!

Then, I finished the entire box and folder Excel inventory! Brandon and I placed new barcodes on all of the new boxes and requested re-print labels for the boxes I replaced. The next step in the description process is to write a Scope and Content Note. (Yeah, I know. Still no pictures.) I read an example from another collection and then wrote an overall note for the Brown collection and another for each series in the collection. I’ll revisit that on Thursday with fresh eyes.

I bought a book this week.

Women of Faith

Brittany is the co-editor of this series.

When Brittany, the research specialist extraordinaire, gets back in town, this week, I will have her sign it. The next one is coming out very soon.

Only two days of Archiventures left. Unbelievable.

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