Day 19: Collections Processing

A very surprising day at the Church History Library. This whole “Archival Diet” approach really seems to be working. I finished the Miscellaneous Papers series first thing this morning and got right into the Photograph series.

Photo processing

Trying to bring order to the Photograph series

Russ Fuhriman, the photo conservator, had finished his work and had painstakingly set up two over sized boxes for me with folders and interleaving. I needed to arrange things in order, group the smaller, loose photographs and put them in sleeves, and number the three boxes and all of their folders. When I was finished, the series looked like this!

Second cabinet

The top shelf is the oversized box from the Hugh C. series and the last three boxes from the Miscellaneous series. The middle shelf is the completed Photograph series.

Yea! One of my favorite photos of the day was this one. Click to enlarge so you don’t miss any of the details.

1903 Operetta

The "Merry Milk Maids" operetta performed at the Brigham Young College in Logan, Utah; 1903.

Hugh B. Brown is in the center of the back row. Tomorrow, I hope to post a few photographs of Hugh B. in his WWI uniform. He was in the Royal Canadian Cavalry.

With the last hour of the day I began to process the final box, which belongs to the Young Family Association series. I’ll finish that up in the morning and spend the afternoon reading all of the research material I pulled on the Browns so I can write a biography for the finding aid. I think it will be fun. Possibly even an archiventure!

Post script: Did you notice anything missing from today’s photographs? I’m hoping if I keep Katie’s microspatula out of the frame, she will forget that I have it.

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