Day 18: Collections Processing

That’s 18 out of 24. Yikes, and sad. Double sad. But, I worked hard and processed about 4 boxes, today. Here’s a visual progress report. Fifteen boxes processed, so far! This is like being on an archival diet. If I think I have to post a photo at night, I will work harder during the day.

Processing progress

I have one and a half boxes in the Miscellaneous series left. Yes, I found more boxes after yesterday's post. Curses!

I wanted to tell you a bit more about the History Library. Our floor has a little reference library so that we don’t have to go downstairs to the reading room every time we need to look something up. This is at the end of the L-shaped hall. It’s cozy.

2nd floor reference

This is about fifty feet from where I sit.

Remember when I reminded you about the V-Mail Anniversary? Well, I found this in the collection, today.
From a chaplain in England to Hugh B. Brown in the states.
I tried to solve a little mystery. The following document is about 2 ft wide and 2.5 ft tall. It appears to be a handwritten personal history. I had to read the entire document to figure out who had written it back in the1920s. The eight sections, four front and four back, are numbered 2-9. Yes, unfortunately, page 2 starts in the middle of a sentence.

Personal History

Where is page one?

The best thing about the narrative was the love story. At 12 years old, Eunice was fishing at a stream when an older 20 something boy came by and “teased” her. He challenged her about what kind of boy she would end up marrying. She said, “I would marry you before I married that kind of boy.” Well, he came back a few months later and teased her again. She complained about the unwanted attention and he┬ádefended himself by stating that she said she would marry him. “I did not,” she protested. “You did, and I am going to wait five years for you.” They got married when she turned 17 years old. Love and heartache in the archives. So great!

Today was a slightly lonely day for processing as my daughter Anna started her 18-month church mission at 1:00. When I got home, tonight, my friend Shauna had placed flowers near my bed to cheer me up. See the featured photo at the top of the page. Thank you, Shauna.

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