Kingsport: Boatyard Flooding

Overnight, Kingsport reached a saturation point and there was no place left for the rain to go. I grabbed my camera and headed down to the historic Boatyard area this morning to see the damage. Following is a photo essay of the current situation. To be honest, I have seen it look a little worse along the South Fork Holston and Greenbelt area, but things got very close. (The best way to view the photo essay is to click on the first photo and then turn the pages from that image to the next.)
Flooded Path

View of submerged Greenbelt looking down river.

Ridgefields Bridge

View of submerged Greenbelt under the Ridgefields Bridge looking up river.

Inn and flooded river

Netherland Inn sits above the water line, but their new Flatboat is dangerously close.


The reproduction flatboat nearly launched itself.


Here is where the path below the flatboat should be.

Flooded Greenbelt

Looking northwest downriver. There are two historic homes in the background that are located on the Greenbelt, below street level. My friends live there, so I am going to go check on them!

Scott House

Here are the homes of John and Nancy Scott who are active in the historic preservation community. The house looks fine, but I can hear water rushing.

Scott Creek

Here's the source of the rushing sound. This is supposed to be just a trickle.

Scott Backyard

The water is draining down from Netherland Inn Rd, which is above the backyard, and flowing through the yard. Scary.

Scott Steps

It's hard to see, but these front steps are like are waterfall, right now.

While the front yard has flooding damage, at this point it is only from rainfall and not from the rising river. This part of the Greenbelt is on higher ground.

River View
The view of the South Holston River from the Scott’s frontyard affords a view of what my daughter calls, “The Short Island of the Holston.” It is completely underwater.

South Fork Holston

View of the river from the Netherland Inn front porch. The Boatyard District survived this storm. Hopefully, we will have time to dry out before the next one hits.

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