Kingpsort: Finding Aid

Completion of the Spoden Collection processing means it is time to write the finding aid. We start by numbering all of the boxes in the collection.

I number the boxes in order using a “new” color so that there is no confusion with other markings.

There ended up being 79 boxes in the collection. If we had more boxes, we would have replaced the one series that is still in record center boxes. Then there would be about 100 boxes. (Update: we did order more boxes and the final total was 88!)

The next step is to enter information about the collection on the finding aid template and type in every series name, subseries name, the box numbers within each series, and the names of the folders within each box.

Once the information for each folder has been typed into the finding aid, each folder needs to have its box and folder number written on it.

I’m on box 4 of Series III. This is taking so long, I have now developed three Pandora stations!

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