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“It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen to receive a History in the Media Award from the East Tennessee Historical Society for your outstanding blog Archiventures.” -Cherel Henderson, Director
smKari1495The East Tennessee Historical Society is a world class organization with permanent offices, a paid staff, and large board that publish regularly and run a gift shop, operate a permanent museum, and host traveling exhibits, as well. The ETHS is an active advocate for research and history education. Any visit to their home, the East Tennessee History Center, is a treat and an invitation to attend their annual awards dinner is an honor.

The archivist for the City of Kingsport was also being honored with an Award of Distinction for her outreach work conducted last summer, so we got all dressed up and took a little road trip to the big city: Knoxville.


Brianne Wright honored for her two 2013 FunFest projects.

Everybody was super nice to us, pinning a red ribbon to our name tags, taking our pictures, and offering us gourmet moonshine (in honor of the keynote speaker)!


The entire first floor of the History Center was open throughout the night, so attendees could shop in the store, peruse the displays, and even visit the current special exhibit! One of my favorite finds in the Voices of the Land exhibit was this charming book.

book89Turns out the 1926 volume was printed right in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Kingsport Press. The Tennessee Valley Authority sent photographer Lewis W. Hine to document the binding of My Friend the Dog at the Kingsport Press in 1933.

Press90But, the best part of the evening was getting to hear about all of the tremendous work the recipients had accomplished in the last year. I sat next to a gentleman from University of Tennessee School of Journalism. He was being honored for his work with the Medal of Honor Project.


Click to enlarge so you can read more about the honored projects.

When it was my turn to be introduced, they announced to the entire room that mine was the first-ever blog to receive the History in the Media Award. I think I actually giggled at the news. How great! Here is the cool slide they put up while they talked about Archiventures.

slideThanks, ETHS! My goal through blogging is to encourage people to make connections to local and family history through online and archival research and by visiting historic sites. Your encouragement makes me want to try a little harder.

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