Kingsport: “Hello, Chamber of Commerce”

I have begun reprocessing¬†the W.B. Greene¬†collection (KCMC 33) at the Kingsport Archives. William Greene was a successful investor and hardware store owner in Kingsport and the collection is comprised of his financial records and family correspondence. I found a real gem in it last week. Say “Hello” to the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, 1951!


The hand on the front is really a flap that has been folded forward from the back page. Shake hands and get better acquainted with your chamber!

How awesome is that? I am constantly charmed by the creativity and quaintness of mid-century marketing. The inside of the booklet was full of information about city programs, civic groups, and business development. Here is a sample.

One of my favorite images is from the Merchant’s Bureau section. The bureau’s main goal was to promote activities that would establish Kingsport as a major shopping center for the area. This image was taken on the day of Santa’s appearance.

Sometimes, when people find out I am an archivist, they ask me if I ever find hidden treasure. The answer is, “All of the time!”


Feature image: “One of three beautiful food service centers which the Borden Mills has just installed for the convenience and health if its employees.”

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