Kingsport: Where Were You?

Do you remember the 1984 presidential election? Kingsport Archive’s recent acquisition of the Business and Professional Women’s Club Collection has some interesting mementos from the campaign with the nation’s first female vice presidential candidate.

News Clipping


Apparently, the organization had always backed the republican candidate up until 1984. Articles like this help us to remember just what an high point Ferraro’s candidacy was for some women voters.


The original memo with the handwritten “Passed” on it marks a significant moment in history from a unique perspective.

If you click on the image of the memo, you can easily read what the National BPW’s voting priorities were.

Mondale and Ferraro

One of the Nashville Convention goers collected this autographed photo which was addressed, “With great thanks and appreciation for your generous support. Best Wishes.”

Sometimes when I am processing a collection I can almost feel the emotions of the person who collected the items. In this case, her obvious excitement caused me to reflect on just what I was doing and thinking during the 1984 election and that is what archives are for! Where were you?



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