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Kingsport: Hold On To Your Hat

There’s a new archival exhibit at the Kingsport Public Library and it honors the many roles filled by Kingsport residents over the last century; roles of volunteerism, leadership, mentoring, and service. “Throw Your Hat Into The Ring, Kingsport!” will be … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Conserving the Sprankle Scrapbooks

Leroy Sprankle (1894-1972) was an important figure in the  City of Kingsport ‘s high school athletics and education history. The Archives of the City of Kingsport is fortunate to have a large collection of Sprankle’s scrapbooks, which include correspondence, photographs, clippings, and … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Painting the Town

Before neon, there was PAINT! Beautiful, expressive paint. Kingsport merchants once announced their locations and advertised their wares by painting this information on the brick facades of downtown buildings.

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Genealogy: Scanning and Sharing

I have blogged before about sharing ancestral photos on FamilySearch.org. Today, I am writing about two other ways to share family photographs by using HistoryPin.org and Pinterest.com.

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Kingsport: Women at Work

Updated 5 November 2013: The Kingsport Archives has decided to remove the “Women at Work” collection from HistoryPin and instead install it as a board on Pinterest. The clarity of the photographs and the platform for viewing the collection is … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Fire Department

The summer I turned ten years old, I broke my arm on the Fourth of July. My parents took me to the emergency room across town late at night. There was another patient close by, a burn victim, who had been brought … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Buried Treasure

Part of the amazing Thomas McNeer, Jr. Collection (KCMC 106) includes a series of publicity photographs commissioned by the new Ridgefields Country Club  in 1948. The images feature a beautiful stone lookout, gorgeous views of the South Fork Holston, and two … Continue reading

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Archives: Cultural Preservation

When visitors enter the Art Institute of Chicago from Michigan Avenue and ascend the Grand Staircase, they arrive in gallery 200; Architectural Fragments. According to AIC’s website, “Home to the first skyscraper . . . , Chicago has been the center of American … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Photo Sharing

I don’t adjust well to change. I could spend three paragraphs detailing how this is true, or I could simply admit to you . . . I do not own a smart phone. When I found out that FamilySearch.org had … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Oral History Interviews

I am back from my first camp counselor experience and I have to say. . . I love being an archivist! Today, I wanted to share with you my experience with and my belief in the value of oral histories … Continue reading

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