Kingsport: Scavenger Hunt 2015

It’s FunFest time here in Kingsport, Tennessee! Time for all you history sleuths to pick up a form for the Archives of the City of Kingsport’s Rediscover Kingsport Scavenger Hunt!  This year’s activity requires the participant to look way up at roof lines and at architectural details such as articulated moldings, ledges, painted brick, and window frames.

One side of the form has a map with the downtown boundaries, contest rules, a place for your name and contact information, and a place for your answers.

hunt brochure 2015 v 2The other side of the form has images of the locations you are searching for.

hunt brochure 2015The hunt continues throughout FunFest, from July 10-18. You can pick up a form at the FunFest office in the Chamber of Commerce Bldg or from the Kingsport Public Library. This year the archives has added an online version for the technologically advanced hunters out there.

Good luck and have fun getting to know historic downtown Kingsport better!


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