Kingsport: Scrapbooks

I finished another series, this week. Just a small one called Correspondence. That leaves three series to go and, fortunately for me, these happen to all be series that Joe Penza, the original intern on this collection, had already put quite a bit of work into. I chose to start the Genealogy Series, but I confess I couldn’t resist peeking into Series I, Audio-Visual Materials. I’ll just share a fun find from Subseries D, Scrapbooks.

Scrapbooks 1950s

Two of the twelve scrapbooks created by Mrs. V.L. Cloud

Mrs. Cloud’s husband was V.L., or “Red” Cloud. He was once employed by Kingsport’s “Big Store” and the family lived for some time on the Netherland Inn property. Mr. Cloud contributed much information to archaeologists during the Inn excavations of the 1970’s.

Scrapbooks 1930s and 40s

Two more of Mrs. Cloud's Scrapbooks from 1938-49.

Mrs. Cloud documented the local tragedies and calamities of the area during her time.

She also documented wedding announcements, news of historic buildings, club announcements, and home, fashion, and movie star trends.

Mrs. Cloud was also very fond of capturing the activities of the British Royal Family.

King Edward

Mrs. Wallace Simpson and King Edward.

Unfortunately, the front of the scrapbooks have sticky labels on them that say “Handle with Great Care.” My advice to the home family archivist is to take great care of your scrapbook albums by NOT putting sticky labels on the front or paperclips and sticky notes on the inside, as you will see evidenced in the next photo.
Rusty paperclips

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