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Kingsport: Everyday History Again

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog about Grass Dale, the mansion centerpiece of what was once the Groseclose plantation in Kingsport. Several people posted comments and expressed interest in the home that they frequently drove past.

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Genealogy: Who are your neighbors?

Well, not your neighbors, but who were your ancestors’ neighbors? Searching neighboring households in the Canadian or US Census and nearby graves on the FindAGrave website are two ways to find your relatives’ relatives!

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Genealogy: Print It!

When I’ve written about scanning family photographs in the past, I was promoting ideas like scanning a relative’s photos while you are on vacation, scanning as a form of preservation, and scanning in order to see important details up close. … Continue reading

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Genealogy: On the Job

I’ve been working on documenting my mother’s paternal line, lately. What is so great about using FamilySearch is that the more sources you attach to an ancestor’s page and the more vital information you include, the more the system works … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Illustrated Diaries

Wouldn’t it be great if the diary of an ancestor you were reading was illustrated? If the diary had photographs, maps, documents, and drawings inside, you could almost imagine you were in another country or era right alongside him! Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Obituaries

My grandmother did genealogy the old fashioned way: she wrote letters. Before the internet existed, she wrote to state archives and court houses. She corresponded with relatives and exchanged information. She was also a saver, and when she died in … Continue reading

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Genealogy: A Little Help

I love doing genealogy. I love my ancestors. But, from time to time, we can all use a little help. Today, I thought I’d share with you a few ways that help me find the inspiration to keep going when I’m feeling a … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Hero Cousin

I’m not referring to some distant ancestor who fought in the War of 1812, I’m talking about a real live, first cousin. After our grandmother died in 1989, she salvaged boxes of family keepsakes that were bound for the dumpster. … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Putting it all together

I wrote about my maternal great-grandmother back here, but I’ve been thinking it was time to put something down on paper about my great-grandfather. I’ve been collecting links and scanning documents and photographs for a year or two to prepare … Continue reading

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Archives: Etched in Stone

I was not sure how to categorize today’s post. Genealogy? Field Trip? I just wanted to share this marvelous family cemetery I came across on a recent outing and point out some of the clever things this family is doing … Continue reading

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