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Approved Comments
Only comments that are uplifting in nature will be published to this blog. Since the purpose of Archiventures is to encourage the use of archives and libraries and to promote personal research of family and local history, your comments should reflect these pursuits with the aim of inspiring readers.

Unapproved Comments
I will not publish comments that are mean-natured. I also will not publish comments that merely advertise services or products. Please keep in mind that I am not paid to write this blog and I have spared my readers the onslaught of advertising on its pages.

Content Copyright
Images and text on this blog are copyright protected and cannot be edited and published as your own creation. Photographs, charts, and documents should NOT be posted to social media or genealogical sites without my express permission. However, sharing links to the blog is appreciated.

I do not work for the City of Kingsport or its library and archives. If you have corrections to archival material, please contact the Archives of the City of Kingsport directly. I respond to kindly given corrections to my writing.

An Archivist’s Job
Going to an archives and asking the archivist to do research for you is like going to a library and asking the librarian to read a book for you. The archivist’s job is to make items accessible to his or her patrons.

The Blogger’s Job
My job through this blog is to make those archival items (and resources and locations) appealing so you will want to do your own research. Contacting me via e-mail or comment and asking me to do your research for free is, frankly, kind of silly.

Thank you for reading.