Blogiversary: The Toddler Years

I’ve been a blogger for three years, today!  At three years old, I’m constantly exploring, a bit of a show off, and occasionally unpredictable. Hopefully, my explorations and adventures have at least been entertaining for you, if not educational.

Here’s a look back at a few highlights from my blog’s third year. Think of them as ruler notches on the kitchen doorframe.


A look at the recently revealed Doane’s Furniture sign from the post Kingsport: Painting the Town II. This follow-up post demonstrates how one innocent volunteer assignment can turn into an obsession.

5interiorThis interior view of the Crockett Tavern in Morristown, Tennessee is from the blog post Field Trip: A Day with Davy Crockett. My friend Charlotte and I spent a beautiful day visiting David Crockett’s birthplace and the reconstruction of his parents’ tavern.


The 1965 Thespians of Dobyns-Bennett High School from the post Kingsport: Spotlight on Nancy. The Nancy Necessary Pridemore Collection (KCMC 309) at the Kingsport Archives provides such colorful documentation of this drama teacher’s 39-year career, but more than that, it is an example of one thoughtful and generous donor’s efforts to contribute to the collective memories of her community.


Telegram sent by Lt. Elbridge William (Bill) Palmer to his parents, June 1944, trying to arrange a surprise visit to his mother. The story of WWII hero Lt. Palmer was part of the archives exhibit “Homefront” at the Kingsport Public Library. The exhibit, one of my two all-time favorites, covered the lives of Kingsporters from WWI- WWII. Read about some of the archival items in the exhibit in the post Kingsport: Homefront.


A vintage towel I inherited from my great-grandmother. Made use of archival techniques for displaying family treasures I learned at a workshop. I share a few tips with readers in the post Genealogy: On Display.

Thank you for kindly reading, commenting on, and sharing links from my blog over the past year.

Feature image: View of Bays Mountain from downtown Kingsport, 22 May 2015.

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10 Responses to Blogiversary: The Toddler Years

  1. kathleen fueston says:

    Kari, your blog emails are something I look forward to because I know an adventure is about to occur. Your blog title is perfect for what you have created these past three years. Here’s to many more!

  2. BARDEE GILLIS says:

    Congratulations Kari, a job well done.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Happy Anniversary! What fruitful years. I love your blogs. Plus, I am happy to have played in infinitesimal part in it.
    The other Charlotte

    • Kari says:

      I have three blog readers named Charlotte. You aren’t “the other” Charlotte, you are “the 1st” Charlotte. Plus, in this case, you are the Davy Crockett Charlotte, “Queen of the wild frontier!”

  4. Charlotte Dison says:

    Your blogs are so interesting, inspiring and informative. Have you every considered offering a class or classes on preservation?

    Congratulations on your third anniversary.

  5. Karen Cassell says:

    Happy 3rd! I really enjoy your blog and hope you continue to highlight more interesting adventures.

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