Blogiversary: The terrible twos

It’s been two years since I launched my blog to document my archives practicum. Several people encouraged me to keep blogging once I completed my course work. Never underestimate the power you have to motivate someone in their pursuits. Since my practicum, I have added the blog categories of genealogy and field trips and it has been fun to use my photographs and writing to encourage readers to take their own local history trips, to visit libraries and archives, and to share what they have learned with others.

Here are some images and links to five posts that summarize 2013-14.


From the post Genealogy: Oral History Interviews published June 26, 2013. This blog discusses my experience interviewing my father about his time with the Maine State Guard in Korea and what I learned from it. There are good links at the end to help you conduct your own interviews.

blogiversaryThis clipping is from my personal all-time favorite post Kingsport: Remembering Mr. Jackson, published August 12, 2013. Research into Mose Jackson’s life was inspired by reading the first issue of Kingsport Utilities’ company newsletter which is housed in the Kingsport Archives.

11insideA view into the reconstruction of Fort Watauga from the post Field Trip: Over Mountain Victory Trail Celebration, published September 23, 2013. The Sycamore Shoals State Historic Site annually honors the men who mustered in Elizabethton, TN and marched to North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. This post continues to be viewed every week.

smMadisonKingsport: School Days is the most popular Archiventures post of all time. Published January 30, 2014, it promoted an exhibit that I curated for the Archives of the City of Kingsport about the early public school days in Kingsport.

troops06This photo of US Army and Guard soldiers returning to San Francisco Bay from Korea is part of the post Genealogy: Scanning and Sharing, published February 28, 2014. This blog discussed tips for scanning family photographs and using various online outlets such as HistoryPin and Pinterest to share the photos and to solicit identification.

Thank you for reading during the last year!

Feature image: A 1948 view of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay as US soldiers returned to Camp Stoneman via the Yerba Buena ferry.

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3 Responses to Blogiversary: The terrible twos

  1. Kathleen Fueston says:

    I loved the Mr Jackson post and School Days. Please keep your blog going Kari. They are inspiring!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I am so glad you continued your blog after graduation. I love going to it at the end of a busy day or week.

  3. Chris McAfee says:

    Has it really been two years?! Time sure flies!

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