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I don’t adjust well to change. I could spend three paragraphs detailing how this is true, or I could simply admit to you . . . I do not own a smart phone. When I found out that had done a complete overhaul, AGAIN, I wasn’t happy.

In May, I visited a FamilySearch center in Salt Lake City and said, “I’ve got one hour. Teach me!” About three different volunteers tag-teamed to help me get my family tree started. Back at home, I used the online chat help and also spent about 20 minutes on the phone with a kindly gentleman from New Zealand. I have now connected my tree with other trees and can freely work, document, and build. I am happy, once again.

Apparently, my relatives are also getting acclimated to the new site. FamilySearch has a new feature that allows you to share photographs and history narratives. Once you log in with your username and password (anyone can create one), click on “My Photos” and anything that has been shared will be all lined up for your viewing pleasure. Every week, now, when I log in, something new has been added. Yea, relatives that I don’t know! The best aspect of this feature is that you can click on “View My Relationship” and a chart appears illustrating exactly how you are connected with the ancestor in the photo.

Remember this: my great-grandfather’s 1903 missionary journal?

Well, previous to the advent of FamilySearch’s photo sharing features, I only owned two photographs of my great-grandfather Brigham.

Brigham Mansfield with two of his daughters, Nora and Etta.

Brigham Mansfield with two of his daughters, Nora and Etta.

With my great-grandmother Elizabeth and Frank, Nora, Kenneth, Walter, and Leonard.

With my great-grandmother Elizabeth and Frank, Nora, Kenneth, Walter, and Leonard.

Now, because of a generous relative and FamilySearch’s photo sharing feature, I have a photograph of Brigham in England taken during his mission. The perfect companion to his journal. Thank you, Louise Jones.

My little genealogist’s heart burst into tears when I saw it.

Lastly, a photograph I inherited from my grandmother was only labeled with a “?”. But on FamilySearch, a family member submitted it with the following identification, so that is something!


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4 Responses to Genealogy: Photo Sharing

  1. kathleen fueston says:

    You know that saying about old dogs not wanting to learn new tricks? Well, I am not saying you are an old dog, but I will say you are willing to learn new tricks and you are a great example to those of us who may struggle with change. And in your case, look at the great benefits you have received! I enjoyed this post. Thanks!

  2. +Charlotte Dison says:

    Thank you. Your post was encouraging for this beginning genealogist.

    P.S. I don’t own a smart phone either .


  3. shauna says:

    Awesome! Almost makes me want to sign on to… 🙂

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