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Kingsport: From your dear mother

Any letter that comes into the archives where I volunteer that mentions ‘hogs’ and ‘lard’ in the same paragraph is guaranteed to get scanned.

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Genealogy: Print It!

When I’ve written about scanning family photographs in the past, I was promoting ideas like scanning a relative’s photos while you are on vacation, scanning as a form of preservation, and scanning in order to see important details up close. … Continue reading

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Field Trip: BYU Book Conservation Lab

Have you ever wondered how a large academic library keeps the most frequently used books in its collection in good condition? Who takes care of the rare volumes? I got to find out when the head conservator of the Harold … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Come on in, the water’s fine!

It’s summertime! Time for swimming pools and slip ‘n’ slides, trips to the lake and wading across creeks. The newest archival exhibit at the Kingsport Public Library is all about ways to cool off on hot summer days.

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Genealogy: Independence Day

The pages of a 1918 letter were photographed for me by a cousin, which I mentioned back in this post, and I thought it would be fitting to transcribe the letter for my family and readers on this Fourth of … Continue reading

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Archives: Conference Wrap-up

Saturday, 11 June 2016 Today, I got to witness some fine scholarship and a few really well-executed presentations. But, after two and a half days of conference/hotel food, it’s ok that things have come to an end.

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Archives: Let the Conference Begin

Thursday night, 9 June 2016 The Mormon History Association Conference 2016: Practice started with a reception and entertainment by The Lower Lights, a 10-piece folk/gospel band that was outstanding.

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Archives: Conference Adventure

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you might know that I’ve been researching missionary diaries for an article I’d like to write and that along the way to writing it, I am first presenting a paper on … Continue reading

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Kingsport: American Red Cross

One day UPS delivered a box to the Kingsport Archives. Inside that box was a dress form. That dress form allowed us to unpack this uniform from the American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee Collection, KCMC 247, and we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Kingsport: Press Clippings

From its founding in 1922 and for the next eighty years, the Kingsport Press was essential to the economic life of Kingsport, Tennessee.

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